December 14, 2018


MANILA – Red Planet Hotels and 4Ocean joined forces on 8 December to clear Manila Bay of 300 kilograms of trash in the first of their joint clean-up efforts since forming a partnership in November. Red Planet is the first hotel chain to support 4Ocean’s “Buy A Bracelet – Pull A Pound” global campaign through the sale 4Ocean’s signature bracelets at Red Planet hotels in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Red Planet’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Hansing, said, “As the number of our hotels grow, we will do more to support 4Ocean’s noble mission, not only by selling their campaign bracelets at our front desks but also through cleaning initiatives such as this. These days the news is full of stories of global warming and environmental degradation affecting all of us. Red Planet’s ethos is that we all need to play a role to arrest this global calamity – so, let’s start locally and then build on these first steps.”

4Ocean’s “Buy A Bracelet – Pull A Pound” campaign has already resulted in the removal of over one million kilograms of trash from the world’s oceans and rivers in the past two years. With the recent launch of the 4Ocean Ocean Plastic Recovery vessel, which is able to recover 150,000 kilograms of trash per trip, 4Ocean will be able to ramp up their pace of trash removals. As Red Planet continues on its trajectory to double the number of hotels over the coming three years, its contribution to 4Ocean’s vision of cleaner oceans and coastlines will also increase.

Sahlee Zaldivia, Country Head of Red Planet Philippines, commented further, “We are so proud that over 100 Red Planet employees from our 9 Metro Manila hotels volunteered their free time for the clean-up event. Our beautiful Philippines has a well-deserved reputation for its natural heritage, yet the build up of trash along Manila Bay demonstrates that we all need to do more to change mindsets. An increasing amount of foreign tourists are visiting the Philippines, so surely we should be able to put the country’s best foot forward by not littering?”

Each Red Planet hotel front desk displays a video monitor explaining the importance of the 4Ocean mission in cleaning oceans and coastlines. The 4Ocean signature bracelet is priced at the local currency equivalent of 20 US dollars and is available for purchase at Red Planet hotel’s front desk and via the Red Planet app and website. Red Planet is planning further initiatives to reduce plastic usage and energy wastage at all its hotels, and seeks to raise awareness of these causes in the local communities in which the hotels operate.

Red Planet Hotels is the most recognised budget hotel brand in the Philippines with 13 hotels in operation across the country. Another 1,235 rooms are currently under construction at 5 new locations to be completed by August 2020.

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