Red Planet Hotels is a hospitality company, and here in the Solar team that builds the tech the company revolves around, we take that to the extreme. Our mission is to build amazing user experiences through pushing the tech envelope (and yocto-scale attention to detail) + learn and grow as individuals and team members while having fun! Now, being pioneers isn’t easy so this is not a position for the faint of heart.

We’re looking for true full-stack swimmers who are comfortable hopping from AWS autoscaling to Jenkins to React to Go to VPC subnet design to MS SQL to Memcache all before lunch.

Here’s what will happen:

  • You will be one of a three-man kung-fu developer team who are responsible for building out the Solar infrastructure that powers our mobile app, website, and other consumer-facing as well as internal platforms.
  • All developers are involved in the design of their product and are expected to add value in the execution of the product - whether it’s suggesting UX improvements or a completely different/better way to achieve the same goals
  • You will fully automate the testing and deployment of all the codes

What we do:

  • Our PHP/Go codebase powers bookings for our mobile app and website, as well as some internal-facing websites.
  • The Solar platform also does cool things like power our app’s In-Stay Mode, which allows guests to do cool things like chat with the front desk and much more!
  • Upcoming innovations include our vision for completely overhauling how we recognize and support our guests in 2019 from booking to check-out.
  • Everything we do is in the cloud, load-balanced, and automatically tested/deployed/scaled - usually on AWS.

Who you are:

  • A coding ninja. Languages and DB engines don’t matter, solutions do. You are someone who can use the right tool for the job, whether it’s PHP, Go, Python or some casual bash scripting.
  • You have experience deploying web-scale production apps/APIs in the cloud.
  • You have experience with multiple languages (PHP, Go, Python, Ruby...and many others), multiple data stores (MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Memcache, Redis) - from coding to deployment and maintenance/monitoring/optimization (a big shout-out to Jenkins).
  • You are proactive, communicative, possess an inhuman level of attention to detail and know how to get things done.
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