Based in Philippines - Regional Office


Helping maximize revenue and bringing to attention any issues regarding accounting, billing & collections, accounts receivables, business procedures or finances. Serve as point of contact for hotels & all departments and relay information to Director of Revenue Management. 

Responds to communications from guests, travel agents, and referral networks concerning our hotel room reservations arriving by mail, telephone, fax, or through a central reservation system. Creates and maintains reservation records-usually by date of arrival and prepares letters of confirmation and promptly processes any cancellations and modifications. 

Tracks future room availability on the basis of reservations, and helps develop forecasts for room revenue and occupancy. 


  • Provides support on preparation of regular revenue reports and documentation of financial arrangements with the members of our sales team; and assist in client negotiations in helping our hotel achieve revenue objectives. 
  • Analyzing booking performance by each distribution channel. 
  • Compile information & stay current on competitors and other internet travel distribution channels and present information strategies as requested. 
  • Processes reservations by mail, telephone, fax or central reservation systems referral. 
  • Processes reservations from the sales office, other hotel departments, and travel agents. 
  • Knows the type of rooms available as well as their location and layout. 
  • Knows the selling status, rates, and benefits of all packages plans. 
  • Knows the credit policy of the hotel and how to code each reservation. 
  • Sends letters of confirmation. 
  • Understands the hotel's policy on guaranteed reservations and no-shows. 
  • Processes advance deposits on reservations. 
  • Helps develop room revenue and occupancy forecasts. 
  • Monitors advances deposit requirements. 
  • Handles daily correspondence / responds to inquiries and makes reservations as needed. 
  • Configuring rates on the hotels property management system. 


  • Customer Service/Communication Skills: Reservation agents talk, listen and help resolved conflicts with customers. An expert communicator will be able to listen effectively to find the root cause of issues, and communicate clearly and in a friendly way to solve the issue and keep the customer happy. 
  • Patience: Reservation agents might have to deal with confused or irate customers. Having patience will help you stay polite, even in stressful situations. 
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Reservation agents will have to solve customer issues, sometimes without seeing the actual problem first hand. Being able to problem solve with a customer will help your job. 


  • Bachelor / College Degree in Hospitality / Tourism / Hotel Management / Business Studies / Administration / Management or equivalent. 
  • Required Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills, service oriented, leadership abilities, computer literate; must be familiar on MS office applications. 
  • Required language: English / Filipino 
  • At least 1-2 years of working experience in the related field. 
  • Able to multitask and work independently with minimum supervision 
  • Previous experience as a Reservations Agent strongly preferred / Hospitality or travel industry background is highly desirable. 
  • Familiarity with demand-based pricing systems. 
  • Honest, reliable, efficient and professional at all times. 
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